Exhibited artwork

‘Machinimenomenology’, 2017. Digital fiction series using remixes of partially-rendered Google Maps 3D terrain as a space for a machinima of the broken. 

Under-Mine’, 2017. Solo exhibition of 5 new video artworks and 1 new interactive work, about senses and climate change. For Art Laboratory Berlin gallery.

‘Signals’, 2017. Projection mapping augmentation of Norwegian forest in snow, event.

‘Portals’, 2016-2017. Animated digital art library space activation through alternative site-specific projection.

‘A Virtual Bathymetric’, 2016. Tiny self-contained holo-projection sculpture in copper. 

‘Bindings’, 2016. Animated digital poetry library space activation through large-scale site-specific rear-projection.

‘The Fingers of a Warm and Careful Android’, 2016. Interactive digital literature for libraries, connecting to library inventory system, Helensvale Library, Australia.

‘Glas blong huriken’, ‘Skae Pluma’ and ‘A Long, Wired Paddock’, 2016. Projection mapping and creating holograms on new media objects.

‘Bioluminous Walking’, 2016. Projection mapping augmentation of Australian rainforest solo event.

‘If the forest wanders…’, 2016. Interactive sciart architectural projection mapping onto the under-side of a train bridge.

‘Cartology Apology’, 2016. Holographic installation.

climeart.com website, 2015, including 5 new interactive screen-based works/apps commissioned by 350.org for the Paris Climate Summit.

‘Treemails’, 2015, (Treemails: Bulimba). Interactive website and community art project.

‘Shadows blister those who try to touch’, 2015. Interactive projection mapping onto sculpture. See also ‘Shadow Blisters’ non interactive non-mapped version, 2016.

‘Over-Mine’, 2015. Interactive projection mapped installation.

‘Fracktals’, 2015. Interactive screen-based new media artwork.

‘All your old devices miss you’, 2015. Projection mapped narrative installation.

‘Epicentre/Paracentre’, 2015, interactive and projection mapped series for rural gallery.

‘Wind blisters those who try to run’, 2015, architectural projection mapping onto a windmill.

‘Un[tram]melled’, 2015. Interactive architectural projection mapping onto tram machinery.

‘Colonise’, 2015. 360/double sided projection mapping onto hanging 3D sculpture.

‘Entropic Texts’, 2015. Interactive screen-based digital poetry/new media art co-authored with Jason Nelson.

‘There is no There-There’, 2015. Interactive screen-based digital poetry/new media art.

‘if-notNow, if-then-when-else’, 2015. Interactive screen-based digital poetry/new media art.

‘Flying Fox Falls’ and ‘Infinite Extinction’. Digital art prints.

‘The Roaring Borealis’, 2015. Projection mapping onto sculpture.

‘Depo’d’, 2015. Projection mapping onto sculpture for commercial venue.

‘An Argument in Parallel Incompleteness’, 2014. Interactive app digital poetry/new media art. See also ‘canvas controlled’ installation version, 2015.

‘to arrive by chance’, 2014. Interactive screen-based digital poetry/new media art.

‘Little Boxes’, 2014. Projection mapping onto origami sculpture.

‘Geonotation’, 2014. Interactive sound art intallation/new media art.

‘You Are Vital’, 2014. Projection mapping onto origami sculpture.

Camberland, 2014. Interactive screen-based digital poetry co-authored with Jason Nelson.

Old experiments…