Signals, 2017

‘Signals’ is a Norwegian-specific version of ‘Bioluminous Walking’ (see this link for more on the ideas behind these site-specific and self-created events). It was a projection festival/event created by Alinta Krauth and installed and managed by Alinta Krauth and Jason Nelson, that took place over a series of evenings on Mt Fløyen in Bergen, Norway.

The ‘Bioluminous Walking’ events use hidden battery-powered projectors within forests to give visitors a unique experience of interacting with digital creatures in a natural space. For this reason, the Australian ‘Bioluminous Walking’ events used Australian native animals within a subtropical rainforest, but the Norwegian ‘Signals’ used Norwegian natives, folklore sea creatures, and structures that represented the historical use of Mt Fløyen as part of Bergen’s sea port.

To our surprise, it snowed on all nights that ‘Signals’ showed, making it an incredibly different event to the Australian version. Part of the challenge of this event was creating a weather-proofing system for all eight projectors that allowed the event to continue in the snow (and hail!). For this I devised a series of hand-made hidden weather-proof boxes. Despite the snow and rain and hail, audiences still came in their hundreds up the slippery mountain to see this event. This event was supported by Fløibanen AS company.

Signals Bioluminous Walking Alinta Krauth Norway

This event also included a work by Jason Nelson that saw large-scale poetry projections on the side of Mt Fløyen, reaching its audience in the city 320m below.