Bioluminous Walking, 2016

Bioluminous Walking was a one-evening solo event held in a patch of rainforest on Tamborine Mountain. It consisted of six separate projection artworks mapped to the forest itself using hidden technology to both allow visitors to step into the magic, but also to keep the rainforest itself untouched by cumbersome projectors, generators, or computers. Each artwork augmented the forest by placing in to it an animation of a native animal that would have, at least at one time, been seen in that habitat.

Considering the restrictions of the site and the day (it rained until 15 minutes before opening time), the turn out was spectacular, with over 500 people moving through the park per hour (large for a rural country area). The event went over particularly well with parents and children – their feedback in particular was the way in which this project had kids excited about rainforest walking and the environment, but also interested in local biodiversity and rethinking their concepts of supposedly ‘fearsome’ wild creatures.


This project is a part of the larger parent project Treemails: Scenic Rim. With thanks to The Five Senses Festival, for which this project became a part. Also thanks to local newspapers of the area where the event was held, and local ABC radio stations, for picking up on and promoting Bioluminous Walking and the Treemails project.

Bioluminous Walking by artist Alinta Krauth

Bioluminous Walking by artist Alinta Krauth. Photograph by Kerry Turnbull.