Shadows blister those who try to touch, 2015

Shadows blister those who try to run is an interactive projection mapping installation that debuted at ACM MM exhibition and conference. For details on this work, see this video with sound turned on:

The work is made from generative animation, that in turn generates audio. A triangular delaunay effect has been used on all imagery to further connect it to the 3D sculpture wall. The audience uses my purpose-built controller to change the visuals and generate different elements. The thematic basis is derived from a visual and textual representation of, and response to, the ‘shadow blister’ effect in physics.

Future possibilities for this work would be to do it in a much larger scale across a much larger wall. In this instance the false wall was around 4.5m x 3.5m. This piece also works as a straight projection, and as a computer and mobile app. So, in these cases, projection mapping to these objects wouldn’t occur.

As well as creating and producing this work, my academic paper Using Handmade Controllers for Interactive Projection Mapping was published by ACM, and I was invited to give an artist’s talk at their conference about my general arts practice. Some snaps of this are also included below.

A non-interactive non mapped version of this work, called ‘Shadow Blisters’ was shown in Metro Art Gallery in Brisbane in January 2016. An image of that is also shown below.

ACM MM opening night

ACM MM Alinta Krauth

ACM MM Alinta Krauth 2

ACM MM Alinta Krauth 1

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shadow blisters alinta krauth metro arts

Shadow Blisters at Metro Art Gallery