Climeart began when I was approached by the Brisbane chapter of to create a video art or projection mapping piece to be shown during the Paris Climate Conference at the end of 2015. The brief was to create a work that specifically looked at Exxon’s studies into climate change in the early 1980s. A large climate march was being prepared in Brisbane, with my artwork being the final destination. Due to my schedule, the artwork ended up being a straight video art piece rather than a projection mapping.

I created this video art piece, entitled ‘To live with the world’ by first creating four interactive, screen-based works that in some way pointed towards the now public domain documents of Exxon’s, where the potential environmental dangers of their own actions are highlighted. I then filmed each of these four interactive works and remixed the footage together. The video was played in Fish Lane, Brisbane, at the same time as the conference, and received some local and international attention.

To take the concept further, I created the website, which currently houses links to five different climate change inspired artworks – the four interactive works mentioned above, and the video art piece. The four interactive works are:

‘Red Redact Redaction’:  An interactive work where you fly through Exxon-inspired documents on the z axis.

‘A Swirling Space’:  An interactive platform where you can move around and zoom through different Exxon inspired images.

‘The Typing Room’:  An interactive platform where you are the viewer can type in comments on climate into a large 3D space. You can also take screen shots of your additions to the space and post them at

‘Kaleidoscopia Utopia’:  A series of kaleidoscopes using remixed Exxon documents that you use your keyboard to interact with. There is a downloadable app version, and a browser based version.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 3.58.39 pm