Geonotation, 2014



Geonotation is a collection of generative/glitch sound pieces, themed on the digital geography of the Scenic Rim area. Digital maps and photography of the area were used in different ways to generate digital sound pieces of between 2 and 5 minutes in length. For example, visual representations of the area’s rivers were used to create postmodern musical notation that was then recorded via digital piano. In other examples, images of maps themselves, or images of the area captured on a wildlife motion capture camera, were converted to sound data to generate noise that was then further digitally manipulated. The collection includes six pieces. Being digital generative works, most of these pieces are not made in order to evoke emotion, and yet the viewer can’t help but place emotions into the sounds.

Geonotation 1

A young member of the public engaging with Geonotation online

Geonotation 2

Artist Alinta Krauth shows a member of the public how to use the cards associated with Geonotation online.

Scenic Rim Cultural Trails Alinta Krauth

Geonotation flier and catalogue page