Little Boxes, 2014

‘Little Boxes’. 2014, projection mapping artwork, 2m x 2m, shown at Luxlumin – Lighting up the city Festival, Townsville – September 2014. My piece was at the entrance of Full Throttle Theatre.


Little Boxes brings together the worlds of projection mapping, conceptual glitch art, and thoughts on ecological sustainability, by projecting glitched data, film, and animation onto a scene made of handmade origami flying foxes and trees. Little Boxes calls upon the viewer to rethink their notions of the wildlife/human relationship without media hype, as well as their notions of ‘disruption’. Little Boxes, without bias, asks the viewer to question whether their assumptions about flying foxes are based in fact, or fiction, and conceptually turns the bat from a creature of darkness to a creature of light.



See a review of this piece in Art and Science Journal.


flier - Alinta Krauth - Little Boxes

Printed Catalogue excerpt.


Alinta Krauth - Little Boxes - Projection Mapping 1

Alinta Krauth Little Boxes Projection Mapping

Photo courtesy of Megashots Photography

3D wall projection small vers


Alinta Krauth Little Boxes b
Alinta Krauth - Little Boxes - Projection Mapping 2


The public gathering around the piece





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