Machinimenomenology digital fiction series, 2017

‘Machinimenomenology (no. 1)’ is an experiment in audio/video collage by Alinta Krauth using partly-rendered Google Maps as a space for a machinima of the broken. The artist traverses this other-worldly 3D digital backdrop in an often awkward and uncontrollable fashion that mimics the general everyday use of Google Maps terrain. This is layered with textual and audio elements in order to build a multimedia story around a character who lives in a partially-rendered, shifting world, where the concepts of time and entropy differ to our own. In this piece, Krauth is interested in the concept of virtual/non-virtual geography and cartography, and how the rendering errors and imperfections in Google Maps’ real-world simulation can be beautiful entry points for magic realism and science fiction.

This piece was shown at Galway Art Centre, Ireland for Cuirt International Festival of Literature, 2017 between the 22nd and 30th of April. Artist’s talk and panel discussions for the festival were also given by Alinta. It was also shown at Other Codes: Digital Literatures in Context conference at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Other versions of this piece explore in more depth gaming and man-splaining within gaming communities. These versions will be exhibited in other galleries throughout 2017.

In exhibition at ‘Other Codes’ in Galway, Ireland. Image by Anne Kahrio.