An Argument in Parallel Incompleteness, 2014, plus canvas controlled version, 2015

‘An Argument in Parallel Incompleteness’ is an art game where the player is a fruit bat who battles their way through chaotic poetry barriers, setting off pieces of sound art and interacting with other wondrous creatures and words along the way. The player reads through the poetry while simultaneously pushing it away. The poem is about an argument where two characters throw math-laden curses at each other, such as ‘you are no Gödel at natural numbers’.  You, the innocent bat, must navigate that all-too-grown-up world: the innocent among the chaos.

‘An Argument in Parallel Incompleteness’ Premiered in Brisbane at GAME ON #GO423 Games exhibition and symposium; a symposium for the International Game Developers Association, with myself appearing under the name ‘Lokitoes’. It is currently unavailable online but will soon be released in the Apple App store.

This piece also been shown as a large-scale interactive installation for 2High Festival, documentation of which can also be seen here. Curated by Johnny Legobye.

This piece was also shown in Currents Festival, New Mexico, 2015. Curated by Mariannah Amster & Frank Ragano.

This piece was shortlisted for the 2015 Sunshine Coast New Media Art Prize, and shown in two accompanying exhibitions which runs until the end of 2016.

This piece was also shown as part of an art in shipping container boxes series at Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival.


I have also made a version of this piece that is controllable by touching acrylic painted canvases. The idea behind this is to bring the traditional and the digital closer together, and also allow people to do what they are usually not allowed – to touch paintings in a gallery. This version has been shown at the 2015 Queensland Poetry Festival and in Larkin Art Gallery.


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