Published Writing

Please note, this is a list of print writings. I also do many interactive digital literature pieces, but I have housed these under ‘published artworks’. This section is for traditional writing styles. Legend: Poetry. Short Story. Non-fiction/essay. I am the solo author on these works.


+ 2015. ‘Landwhales’ published in Petrichor: Visible Ink 27, RMIT Press, Melbourne. Editor: Jane Sprague. (Short Story)

+ 2014. ‘How to hold on’ in Monster and the Monstrous Journal, 3(2), ISSN: 1756-770X. (Poetry)

                simultaneously published: 2014 ‘The Owsla found Hazel’, (digital photograph by author) in Monsters and the Monstrous Journal, 3(2), ISSN: 1756-770X.

+ 2014. ‘Instructions as Art: Digital writers as modern-day renaissance people’ in Cordite Journal online. (Non-fiction essay)

+  2014. ‘memoir: Train to Victoria‘ published in Lip Magazine, magazine for young women. (Memoir)

+ 2014. ‘Red Sequins’, in One Page Brisbane, vol. 1, Is.8. (Short Story)

+ 2014. ‘Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth’, in Monster and the Monstrous Journal, Vol. 3, Is. 2, ISSN: 1756-770X. (Short Story)

+ 2013. ‘Gravitational Synesthesia in the Skrill-Crowd’ delivered at POPCAANZ (Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand) conference. (Non-fiction essay)

+ 2013. ‘Balloon: festschrift’ (winner of the Josephine Ulrick Photography student story competition, 2007) published in Tincture Journal, Is. 3. The literary journal can be purchased here. (Short Story)

+ 2013. Arts writer for Art&Science Journal. 2013 – present. Some examples:


Greg Dunn

Incident Energy

Julie Buntaine

+ 2013. Read my guide to getting techy on the Gold Coast here. (Non-fiction)

+ 2013. Circular Poetry contributions to Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. as part of the Queensland Poetry Festival

‘mebelowu’, ‘playg round’, ‘nevera round anymore’

mebelowu_ playg_round_watermark_small nevera_roundanymorewatermark_small

+ 2012. ‘Anonymous in Portmanteaupia’, in Social Alternatives: Politics and ethics in social media, 31(2): 27-32. This piece is being used as part of a reading list for Georgetown University’s Security Studies program, specifically classes on ‘violent non-state actors’. I was also part of the blind peer-review process for this journal. (Non-fiction essay)

+ 2005. ‘I am a Grass Spirit’ published in ArtLook, literary magazine, Issue 9. (Poetry)

+ 2005. ‘Summer’, an extract from novella ‘Uncolours’ published in Unreal Estate, creative writing anthology, Issue 6. (Novella)

+ 2004. ‘She Knows’ published in Unreal Estate, literary anthology, Issue 5. (Poetry)

+ 2004. ‘Rusty Boat’ published in Unreal Estate, literary anthology, Issue 5. (Poetry)

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